Hey Dolls,

Hope you had a good weekend, I'm back and this time I'm speaking COLOUR!! I absolutely love this colour TURQUOISE!! I don't know what it is about it but it is so stunning and it looks so good with black, coral, marigold(looks similar to mustard, will feature it) and white, it depends what type of style you are going for whether you want to make a bold or subtle effect.

Wearing a chunky beaded necklace with a black boob tube dress/top always looks most attractive as it breaks the colour and harshness of black. If you wearing a chunky bold necklace, refrain from wearing earrings that colour, remember less is more.

I love wearing my chunky Turquoise necklace with black and marigold, the colours complement each other so perfectly, you should try it.

Here are some examples of exactly what I am talking about, you can always bring out the colour in your accessories, bags, shoes, nail polish or make up. It just depends on the occasion and the style in which you want to portray the boldness of this colour. Either way, it still looks stunning. 

Chunky beaded necklace, SO stunning!!
Black and Turquoise make a perfect match.
Love the way Kim has used these colours to complement each other.
Gorgeous Platform
Prada Platform
Kim wearing Marigold and Turquoise, so GORGEOUS!!

Nude belt and shoes break the colour for the perfect day look.
Essie nail polish. LOVE!!!
Chanel Bag.

Watch out for my favourite outfits that I collaborate Turquoise into, but for now, tell me what you think of the colour, is it a fashion trend?


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  1. dude i love you blog turquoise happens to really suite my skin tone .... I love turquoise eye shadow it goes with my green eyes hard to find tho but love love love it ...... -Amanda*

    1. dudeee i know i love the colour hehehe yeahhh hey...the colour seems to suit everyone, its stunning :-)

  2. Kim looks so gorgeous in this colour! wow

  3. such a gorgeous colour, i'm a huge fan of it! :)

  4. #Awesome job here Simz! lol, can we teach Char a thing or two lol

  5. Haha definatley! nust share it with everyone, i still need to do more posts though, stil jsut getting used to it :-)


Thank you for your beautiful words!!


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