Hey Doll's

Welcome to my first fashion blog, "My Fashion Life". If you love fashion, styling, trends and dressing up just to dress up then this blog is for you. I will do my best to incorporate the lastest trends, keep you updated on the fashion shows in and around South Africa and any events that are worth mentioning.
This blog is about what I love most and that is FASHION, from shoes to bags to pants to shirts, anything and everything that I can make look goood.
As you read about me, I briefly described myself and the reason for the blog but if I must add I can say that my blog will be featuring all types of fashion and how I like to style others.
And encourage you to please comment and ask questions, I would love to know what you think and if I can feature anything you think would add value to my blog.

So sit back, relax and join me on my journey through the eyes of an aspiring fashion and celebrity PR Agent.

  I hope you enjoy! 


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Thank you for your beautiful words!!


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