Hey Fashionista's

Sorry I know I have been so scarce over these past couple months, but let me inform you on what has been happening in my life since I last blogged..
I've been at home for a month, looking for a new job and you know God surprises you when you least expect it... Now I am working and actually doing what I love doing and what makes it cool is that I am enjoying it... I have been spending most of time with friends and my boyfriend, and putting on weight at the same time..(bbm hand infront of face) I think most of all I needed this break to relax, but you can only watch so much of TV in a day hey??

Glad to be blogging again, now just need to start capturing my looks again, any ideas of what to do next?
If you have heard of Mi Casa, well at the moment they certainly are my favourite band/dj/group at the moment...J-Something's voice, sjoe certainly has something special..

Also last night, South African born and bread Westville Boys High, Chad Le Clos did us proud bringing home a GOLD MEDAL for the men's butterfly swimming at the Olympics... The whole of South Africa went craze because he beat Olympiad Michael Phelps, so now its like Phelps who???.. lol

Regarding my fashion, guys I know sjoe I haven't blogged in a while with any latest looks or what I wore best, but don't fret I shall be uploading stuff soon, just getting back on my feet again and I should be in motion soon.

Also my gran passed away on the 22nd of July so that was something big in my life, she was such a beautiful women and she definitely lived a long life reaching 83 years of age. It was a lovely service, being with the family and catching up on lost time..You know we should treasure the times we have with our loved ones now, because when God needs us he takes us...So love one another and live in peace not regret and be happy the worst thing you can do is start your day off on a bad start, your whole day will be messed up. Have a positive outlook on life and pray, God makes a way and I am the perfect example of that.
Anyway hope you guys are cool and living in the fashion life...

Remember dress like everyday is a fashion show..



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Thank you for your beautiful words!!


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