Hey My Gorgeous Hunnies
Today I thought of putting together two looks, a Day-time and Night-time 'How To' on wearing these oh-so trendy "Wetlook leggings/skinnies/tights". These particular pants are such a craze and some ladies sway from wearing the trend as they consider it to reveal every curve of a women's body. But I have news for you, when you wear these leggings, they hug, nip and tuck all the curves you would like to hide and also create curves you never knew existed. By purchasing a size you are comfortable in will give you the freedom to wear short or long tops, depending on how courageous you are to dress them up, and remember not too low cut, we do not want to expose your assets.

out fit 1
Not only do I love the colour Turquoise, I love how the Nude and Gold colours compliment each other bringing the whole outfit together. This is perfect for a day-time outing, whether it be for a late lunch with your girlfriends or day at the office. Turquoise seems to pop into fashion every season when it is paired with a warmer colour for the winter months, or brighter colours for summer.
To complete your look, your make up can't be too dramatic especially because it is a day-time look, so adding a nude lip, peachy blush and black eyeliner to accentuate your eyes with pull this whole look together.
This Night-time look is perfect for a Dinner Date with your man or a night out with your girls. Peplum Tops are God's gift to women like me who have curves and a little bit of a tummy and desperately needing to hide it. These tops create the illusion for those girls who do not have hips and would like to create depth on their waste. It does not matter what colour you wear, they are perfect for casual or formal looks, depending on your shoes and jacket you pair it with. Today I have selected the famous Black Leather Jacket (BLJ), my absolute fav, for an everyday look to a night out on the town.
I also love a good pair of heels, your legs just look so long and your posture changes automatically, you start to walk like a lady, with an invisible runway in-front of you. I don't know if its just me or if you can relate, but when you walk in your heels don't you feel like you can take on anything that comes your way. LOL I love it. Remember to buy comfortable heels, or buy those "party feet" gel strips to stick in the inside of your shoe to protect the balls of your feet. I frankly prefer platforms or wedges, they are so stunning and THEE most comfortable everrrr!!!
But let me know what you beauties think??
Wedges or Platforms?
Which look suits you best and do you have any suggestions?

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