Family Holiday {JHB}


Hey Lovelies

So over the past weekend my family and I drover to Johannesburg, (hmm and what a long journey it was), and it was FREEZING!! I think because I stay in Durban, we don't really have the "true" winter experience and mind you, my body was in for a shock... I finally got my hands on a Onesie from MrPrice Fashion which was the cutest and warmest and the place we stayed at had electric blankets and a heater so we were set.. NOOOO!! It was still so cold,, one of the days we woke up and the car was covered in Ice, and I was hoping it would snow because I still have yet to experience snow, I know lame old me LOL.

But any who, the overall stay was awesome, wen to see Soweto, Sandton City and their China Mall which is AMAZEEE since I love a bargin!! :-)
Well the whole purpose for going away that weekend was for my sister who started her first day as a Candidate Attorney, so proud of her. I ended up coming home early though because I had work on the Monday so at least I was there to have some laughs with my family.

I did manage to take  few snaps of my weekend, hope you enjoy!!

This was the the sunset on our way into JHB, was so beautiful and COLD!!

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  1. Lovely pictures! great blog!

  2. Love your winter look! Every shot looked great!



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