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So today we have the honor of introducing a gorgeous young lady from Johannesburg South Africa, Marlize Liebenberg from the awesome blog KandyKaneLove,  who we happened to stumble upon on YouTube on one of our FAV youtube guru's Carli Bel. She shares the same love for God and passion for all things beauty that we at Canvas Fashion share too.

Welcome to CanvasFashion Marlize, thank you for joining us and taking the time to answer all these questions. I am sure we all would love to know more about you.

Please give us more information on your upbringing, education and how you got into beauty?
Hi, my name is Marlize Liebenberg, but I just call myself Kandy...
I was born in Cape Town and spend some of my childhood in Kraaifontein. At the age of 9 we had to move to Transvaal because of my dad’s job. I really struggled to make friends....coming from a school where everyone knew me , my mom being very involved with school activities and teachers knowing me as the kid who could read before grade 1... It was tough walking into a school being a nobody.
I was very weird as a young girl, would always follow different trends, do different things and just be an outcast or something haha.

When I was 13, my mom put some eyeliner on me for the first time (blue).. I fell in love. So when I was 15,
my mom bought me these beauty editions with a makeup item every 3rd week. I obviously didn’t know THAT much about makeup but would always wear it on weekends and experiment with different type of looks. I even started off by wearing a bit of mascara and foundation to school... because I loved the flawless look, and I just wanted to be beautiful... and slowly I turned into more of a lady.
It was only after school that I discovered YouTube videos and how to blend and do all these funny things... but yeah, I guess I can say it did start at a young age.

Why the name Kandy Kane?
I have a full blog post explaining it ... Here 

Have you always had a passion for make up and beauty, and why?
Since I discovered it, yes because I always felt like I had to wear makeup to be beautiful, but only later realized that makeup should be used to enhance the great features you have as everyone is different. Makeup just adds that special touch, and that is what makes you beautiful

What do you find is the most uncertain thing about a career in fashion or beauty?
Life is so expensive, and I think the most uncertain thing is knowing where your bread and butter will come from next month. The industry is huge, but the amount of people in it is also huge. You can find a makeup artist or Fashion Artist around every corner... but it is the quality of your work that makes you great, and that is something that you constantly have to work on to stay on top

Have you ever had to deal with negative comments regarding your make up looks that you have done, and how did you deal with it?
Girls can be so nasty. I actually closed my personal Facebook account because of that... I did modelling before and would receive such ugly messages, people calling me fat, ugly, a b*** and and and. The sad thing is that it is girls who I always thought were my friends. I’ll always get upset, and then get over it and realise :”You can be the juiciest peach in the whole world, but still there would be people who don’t like peaches” I cannot please everyone, and I’ve learned that if someone doesn’t like me, that’s their problem. God created me wonderfully and fearfully. So in His eyes I am perfect, I don’t care what people say anymore, and that is how every girl should feel.

What is you best look you have done either on someone else or on yourself?
My best look? There are so many, but I would say I am such a lover of funky costume makeup. So i recently did a Peacock look... and I also once did a Half face skeleton and Beauty look 

Have you always thought about doing tutorials and filming it to teach others?
Yes, since I first discovered it, I wanted to do the same, but always felt like I’m not good enough... It took me a while to actually sit down and just do it.

What/Who inspired you to start a Beauty YouTube channel and Blog?
My first videos I watched was Miss Chievous, Kandee Johnson and Jessica Harlow... Now I have them and others who still inspire me day to day: shaaanxo and Carli Bybel... and much more

Would you consider opening your own beauty school at some stage to educate others who also have a dream of one day doing beauty?
No not really. I enjoy teaching people over a camera, plus it’s free... I think I’ll probably host workshops one day if I ever make name for myself, but a beauty school? I’m not sure of. But I am working on launching my own Brushline, that is currently where my focus is.

Neutral Elegant Bridal make up or Smokey Night out on the town?
Would it be acceptable to say both? I mix up my makeup often, sometimes I love Smokey, other times I feel like a soft queen, so both are my fave!

What would you say other women who desire to be like you would need to get there?
I don’t think I’m as far in my career of Makeup as what I would like to be, but to have people inspired by me really makes me feel grateful. I would say that you should never try and be like the person who inspires you, but rather take that inspiration and awake the passion you have inside to be yourself when approaching any path to achieve a goal.

Has make up and beauty changed the way you see yourself and others?
Definitely. Like I said in school it was all about being pretty, you want boys to like you, and when I just started being myself and using makeup to embrace what I had. It’s like doors opened for me, through this I can transform other people and make them realise how beautiful they really are!

Where can we purchase the best eye shadow palettes here in South Africa?
Goodness, that’s a tough question. Most of my palettes I imported from USA (I love NYX) This was before Clicks started stocking them. I like NYX because for the price you pay, you really get great makeup. I love their little runway palettes, and every once in a while they launch a limited edition palette with colours and packaging all expressing a theme, then I obviously pair it up with NYX eye primer, just to lock that colour in for the rest of the day

With the new season approaching us, what are the trending colours for cheeks, eyes and lips?
Summer is all about being tanned. Tanned is sexy right? But we all don’t really want to be exposed to the damaging sunlight for this. So in summer... Caribbean Spray tan (at Clicks) is my fave friends. I also love adding bronzers not only to my face, but body as well. Lately Ive been loving the rosy look. Peachy cheeks, Pink/Purple eyeshadow with Brown in the crease, a little winged liner and rosy lips. Definitely chic

Do you have a huge make up collection? And how do you store all your beauty products?
Yes I do have a huge collection. I have different foundations, concealers, powders, blushes and not to mention brushes. I just like mixing them up every once in a while... I have a room in my house that is solely dedicated to my makeup... I call it my makeup station. My boyfriend bought me a ToolBox December month with little drawers. This is perfect to store my makeup in, and also to take it with me when I do clients makeup, but not everything fits in there, so I bought a plastic little storage container with drawers for eyeshadows, mascaras, eyeliners, ect and my dad made me a very cute lipstick stand (im very fortunate to have people in my life who supports me like that)

You are very health conscious, have you always been that way?
Never! I always had an okayish body in school, but after school i only realised what picking weight up is. I was a real fatty... I got to the point where I would cry because none of my clothes fit me. But then I joined the gym, learning everyday still... I really enjoy it, and I don’t restrict myself at all. I can eat Macci D’s like it’s going out of fashion, and lately all I want to drink is White Hot Chocolate. But I try to tone it down, and also only buy low fat milk, low fat butter, low fat yogurt, Low GI bread etc... I also spin Mondays to Thursdays after work and try to work out at the gym in the mornings at least 3 – 4 times a week, combining treadmill cardio with weight training... man I can go on forever J

What are your favourite health snacks to stock up on for the new season?
I love nibbling on cucumber, red pepper, or any fruit, and recently bought a food processor to make yummy smoothies with when summer approaches! Another thing I also love is buying low fat yogurt and fill them in little tubs you buy to make lollies with. Chuck them in the fridge for about 2 days and you’ve got a delicious low fat yogurt ice lollie. I also enjoy making flapjacks with oats and protein powder instead of flour...Top it with microwaved blueberries and Voila! mmmmm yummy!!! J

If you were stranded on an island, what would be your top 5 things you would take with you. In order of priority and why?
God is first in my life, and I do pray that i never get stranded on an Island, but if I do. My Bible would be first
Secondly an AXE, to chop trees down and build shade, and to also maybe hunt for food (I don’t think I would be able to kill animals, but just saying)
The warmest blanket I have, coz nights can get gold
A lighter for fire (heat and cooking food)
And then some tanning oil, because if I ever get save I want to look like a Bronze Goddess hahaha

If we had to find your make up bag, what are the 3 items we would definitely find in there?
Mascara, Lipstick and eyeliner

Complete the sentence. Beauty is...
Being yourself, embracing your features and accepting what you cannot change.

Thank you Kandy for joining us, I know we enjoyed reading about you and your axe to cut down tree's lol and most importantly your Bible!!

Make sure your follow KandyKane!! And if you in JHB get your make up done by her!!

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