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YAY MEE!! I AM A FINALIST!! Thank you to everyone who voted for me!! 5 More days to go until its the most awesome night ever, called Beauty Night Out hosted by RubyBox. If this is new to you. let me fill you in on what this whole event is about and how I became involved in it.

RubyBox is a monthly subscription whereby you receive amazing beauty products according to your profile that you fill in and for the small fee of R119. The Ruby Guru's then send you samples to try out and review according to what you most liked and willing to purchase. If you like me who loves receiving gifts and surprises, this is the perfect subscription because the perfectly wrapped box always has sample sizes and one full size item and sometimes a surprise gift, depending on the month of subscription. I have been subscribed to them for the past 3 months and have been sent the most cutest and sweetest things.

Okay so back to the main topic of this blog post, so a couple of months ago, I entered this competition on Rubybox, whereby I had to send in a 30 second video clip explaining why I should be a RubyRoyal Ambassador and what product/ brand I would promote. The video basically described myself and if I was crowned an Ambassador what I would offer and include a tip on how to use one of my favorite beauty products. So I sent in my video and at that time I was leading being one of the only 3 ladies that had entered. After a couple of weeks, word of mouth spread and more ladies entered the competition, which became more exciting and the competition was on.

After I think a 3 months of friends and family voting daily for our videos, RubyBox selected finalists to be crowned RubyRoyal Ambassadors, and lucky me I was selected, and part of our prize is to attend the Beauty Night Out event hosted by RubyBox for their 2nd Birthday and the crowning of the Ambassadors.

So this Friday on the 30th of August, RubyBox is flying me and the other Finalists to Cape Town to attend the Beauty Night Out Event held at Mount Nelson Hotel. Talk about a glamorous and beautiful location to host this prestigious event. I can hardly wait to be on that flight to meet my fellow beauties and share a spectacular night together of beauty, fashion and glam.

I will be vlogging and blogging about this awesome event so you will be kept in the loop. But if you would also like to attend this glamorous occasion, purchase you ticket  here  and join in on the fun.

For more information about RubyBox and how to subscribe to their beauty box, click here


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