My RubyRoyal Weekend | Beauty Night Out


After all the VOTING and me spamming your Facebook Feeds, I am Proud to Announce I am a RUBYROYALE AMBASSADOR!! 
Whats does this mean you ask?? Ummm well my loves, being an Ambassador comes with these awesome perks:

  • Monthly beauty hampers worth R500 for six months.
  • My videos of reviews/tutorials will be featured via the Rubybox YouTube Channel.
  • Access to iconic international brands, the latest product launches and hottest beauty events.
  • Pampering spa vouchers and coaching sessions from key industry leaders.
AND Canvas Fashion will spread to many other beauties in South Africa :-) Amazing right?!!? 

So this is how my bumper filled 2 day weekend started... After being flown to Cape Town and put up in the gorgeous Three Cities Inn on Square Hotel, our evening started at the Mount Nelson Hotel for the most awaited event of the year, Beauty Night Out, and it sure was glamorous. From strutting the highest heels and glamorous outfits to hair transformations by Scar and makeup done by Stilla, I must say all rubies were turning heads, if you were lucky to be at the event you would know what I am talking about!!

Once we were all done up and ready to go on stage, Sylvia and Marguax (Rubybox Founders) took to the stage to announce the Ambassadors. We were so shocked when they announced that we are all Ambassadors. I was so excited, I wanted to jump up and down but then I thought, hold on you are in heels and a dress, calm down LOL. So we walked up on stage and received flowers and introduced as the 2013 RubyRoyal Ambassadors, AWESOME or whaaat!! And it didn't stop there, we still had a breakfast to attend the next morning before flying back home. 

Sylvia and Marguax (Founders of RubyBox)
 As for the Photobooth stand they had, I think Elana and I overplayed our role LOL, we tried on every prop and made it work.

 All in all the night was spectacular, RubyBox team really showed us how to have a good time and they welcomed us with open arms.
We truely had fun getting pampered and meeting beautiful ladies.

The RubyRoyals Breakfast was hosted at Cafe Paradiso the next day on the 31st of August. What an awesome time we had, to talk and get to know each other.
I am looking forward to special memeories with these gorgeous girls and the amazing brand RubyBox.

Thank you to rubybox for such a spectacular weekend, you really spoilt us Rubies.. The RubyBox team, Marguax, Sylvia and Emma, you sure knows how to throw a ladies party/weekend.

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