Sam Laskey New face of GLAMOUR [FRANCE]


So my gorgeous babies, if you are from Durban and schooled at Maris Stella between 2006-2008 then you woud have known this young lady by the name of [Sam Laskey], who today the world knows as the NEW face of G L A M O U R France which she featured on the November Issue this year.. Yesss, FRANCE!!! I was so surprised when I saw this article when I was reading MishConfirmed's blog and realised, Oh shux, I remember this chick, she was at school with me and look at her now.  So I had to write up an article about this..

These pictures were taken by photographer Adrian Mesko who captured our South African Sshmodel Sam in oversized coats and Virginie Benarroch designer sneakers proving you don't need heels to be stylish. Miss Laskey played the role of a Tv reporter in the city, struting the designs of Stella McCartney, Saint Laurent, Hugo Boss... Need I say more, is South Africa finally being put on the map??

Whats your thoughts? Let me know and I hope you have a fab week my lovelies!!

*Images C/O Fashion Gone Rogue *
*Taken by Adrian Mesko*

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