Knysna to Cape Town.. What an awesome holiday it was. Our first offical roadtrip as a huge family cosisting of 20 of us... And let me tell you what a road trip it was.. LOL, we left early morning at 2am on the 21st of  December 2013, packed the night before so we could be on the road by 2:30am.. Well low and behold, as time would have it we left at 3am.. I know right... Packed the rest of the items in the car and we were off... Dale (my boyfriend) and I travelled in his car with my siblings, Savannah (sister) and Seth (brother) which made thte journey so mcuh more comfortabe than the orginal plan of hiring a minibus and everyone travelling together..

But before I get to us being on the road I have to boast about how great GOD is... A few weeks before we were leaving Dale and I were determined that he would get a car so we can travel in, and at the time he was driving a Ford Fego. Now theres nothing wrong with that car the only thing is it is very small especially because he is tall and with amount of luggage we were planning to take, I don't think we would have managed. So we prayed and Dale went to see if he could get a car and to cut a long story short, he ended up getting a Chevrolet Sonic which is sooooo gorgreous and spacious. And also Dale wanted a Garmin for christmas to also make the journey easier as we were going to lea the whole pack. And when I wen tto purhcase his gift, I get to the counter to pay for it and the cashier tells me it smakred down, so I was like Yay! Thank God.. ( Only because I had budgeted to spend a certain amount of this Garmin and when I get there it is less than I budgeted for.)So yeah, the power of prayer!!! My God is  a BIG GOD!!

Okay so back to what I was saying... What a long drive it was, our first stop only ended up being after a whole 4HOURS!! Yes 4 hours, and for us passangers it was fine but for thte drivers I really felt sorry for them... And did I act like a traffic cop.. YES lol, I couldn't help it, Dale kept saying to me he has a garmin for a reason. But you know us women, we like to be involvde in every aspect of everyones lives I guess.

So yeah after the first stop we carried on and made countless number of stops because of the number of kids that we had in convoyage. And finally after a whole 18 hours of driving we arrived in KNYSNA - THESEN ISLAND, which I now call the South African American Dream, because if you had to see the place, the white picket fence, the shutters on the windows the clean streets and red front doors, the women poshly dressed walking their dogs and these gorgeous guys have doing their daily jog you would understand what I mean. It looked like the set of Wisteria Lane from Desperate HouseWives. Its crazy but so beautiful and so peaceful. Something I am not used to because I stay in the heart of the city life and nightlife, but it was awesome to get away and actually hear normal sounds early in the mornings.

One of the highlights of this trip was the ANIMAL ENCOUNTERS. The best experience of my life. Dale and I did the shark cage dive last year for my birthday, so it was only fitting to try something new and when we saw that we could paly with Cheetah Cubs and Tiger Cubs, I was like, baby YES!! And what an amazingly awesome experience it was. I must say at first I was a little scared after wacthing the adult cheetah's and tigers, but once the guide explained how we should behave and pet them it was like playing with a puppy or kitten. The cheetah cubs are cute but their fur was very rough to what I imagined. The tiger cubs were so precious, I honestly wanted to pick them up and put them in my arms, but we were warned not to do that so I was like BLEH! :-( Not fair!! And the cutest part ever was the one cub sucking the others ear as if it was the teet of the mother, the sound that the cub was making was so cute.. It was a AWWWWWWWWWW moment for sure!! We also had a chance to visit the Elephant farm, and the way it stank LOL. Sorry but it did but it was so so cool. We got to feed them all sorts of veggies by placing it in our hands and their trunk sucks it and outs in in their mouth, leaving you with their residue and slobber heheh. They are so peaceful and beautiful animals, and so obediant. It was funny because you should see how excited they get when they see the Game car coming towards them, they know they are going to get fed.

One thing I did not mention is the beaches, and boy did we go swimming, practically everyday, because the weather was scorthing! The beaches are soooo gorgeous, Beacon Island in Plettenberg was the best beach by far, it reminded me of Camps bay, white sand and blue waters. Another beach which we found was Wilderness beach,in the middle of nowhere. Gorgeous ocean and so quiet, compared to our Durban ocean atmosphere. I did post a few pictures on instagram when I was on the beach. Sorry loves did not take my camera to the beach so dont have pictures to upload :-(

Thesen Isalnd / Knsyna overall was the most beautiful, timeless and relaxing holiday. Definately going to be going back. If you would like to know where about we stayed, check out this link and you will see what I am talking about when I compare it to Wisteria Lane: HERE

Below are the pictures from the mentioned Highlights of my trip from the Animal Encounters to the amazing beach to our newly named Wisteria Lane (Lookalike) Island...

I hope you enjoy!

(sorry for such a long post, but I thought its about time I talk more in my posts. Let me know if you like indepth posts every now and then.)

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