So I came across these questions from other Beauty Bloggers, and I decided to answer them myself. Hope you gorgeous babies enjoy and have a fab weekend. New Videos and exciting giveaway coming soon!


How many hours a week do you spend filming/editing videos?
I generally spend 2 -3 hours filming, especially if I don’t have help. Setting up my equipment and then testing it out before I start filming.
When it comes to editing it depends on how much I want to edit. So between 2-4hours

Are you a spender or a saver?
I am both hey. I love saving, especially if it is for something I have wanted for ages. But if I like something and I want it, I am not afraid to purchase it. But I do know when I need to stop. :-P

When is it easiest for you to film?
I rely on daylight for filming so preferably after work before the sun sets or the mornings/afternoons on the weekends. Sometimes I do not make it in time to film in the daylight so I film late at night with my lighting equipment.

What makes talking in front of the camera comfortable for you?
I guess at first I was like UHM your talking to yourself. But once you realize the amount of people watching your videos you realize that you not only talking to yourself but all you gorgeous people that support me out there which makes it better. I’m generally comfortable in public as I studied Public Relations so communications and being in the public eye I guess comes naturally.

What's your worst makeup/hair habit?
My worst makeup habit I think is after applying my makeup I take a towel and wipe a little off so I don’t look so cakey. In fact I do this all the time, it’s become a habit of sort which is weird because I try cover up my blemishes and then wipe it off before setting it with a setting spray. My hair habit I would say is tying my hair way too tight. I don’t know why but I do it and it sometimes causes headaches but I feel if my ponytail is not tied tight then I start my hairstyle over again. BLEH. Something I have to stop because I know my hair could break in that way, don’t you think??


 What's one quote that you wish the world would live by?
Love your neighbour like you love yourself…

   How long do you spend getting ready everyday?
If I am in a rush for work it would take me like an hour. If I have time to get ready it will take me 2hours, and if I have planned my outfit the night before then 40mins and I’m out the door.

  What's your favourite video on youtube?
Room Tours and Makeup Storage Colleciton & Ideas – Love Carli Bel’s makeup and room tour video

Who is a YouTuber that you watch who deserves more views/subscribers than they have?

What's one thing your excited about in the upcoming year?
TRAVELLING! My boyfriend and I at the beginning of the year drew up a dream board together of our goals and dreams and both of us made a promise to travel this year. So I am determined to make it happen, even if it is a trip down the coast or to neighbouring cities, its still travelling. And we start that at the end of this month for our 2 Year Anniversary ♥♥♥♥

 What's your most awkward filming moment?
LOL I think when I was filming one of the mornings and my house keeper walked in while I was filming and didn’t know what I was doing and just carried on cleaning my room. I had to stop filming and explain to her I was filming for an online site. Lol. I think that’s the most awkward moment.

 How long does it take you to prep for a video?
I don’t’ take long. Usually if I know what I am going to be filming, setting up takes like 10 mins.

 Are you wearing pants (jeans/skirt) right now
or are you actually wearing pajama bottoms
or sweatpants?
I’m at work answering these questions so I’m in a dress. But when I film I usually wear my pj shorts.

  What are you most proud of in your life?
Completing my studies and Graduating and following my passion.

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