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Hey My Loves ♡

So over this weekend my boyfriend and I celebrated our 2 Year Anniversary, where Dale took me away for the weekend. So I thought what a perfect opportunity to get him to feature in a video and we do a Couples Tag...
So here it is.. Excuse the laughing and inside jokes. Thats just how we are together alwasy laughing and joking around.

And a HUGE thank you to Dale for subjecting himself to the my blogging life and the internet craze.

Hope you enjoy..

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W H A T  W E  W E A R I N G:

Floral Dress - Mr Price
Facet Gem Necklace - Mr Price

Miami Tshirt - Woolworths
Nelson Mandela Gold Coin Chain - (totally forget the name...)


C O U P L E S  T A G  Q U E S T I O N S :

1. Where did we meet?
2. Where was our first date?
3. Where was our first kiss and how was it?
4. Did you know I was the one?
5. What was your first impression of me?
6. When did you meet the family?
7. Do you have a tradition with your gf/bf?
8. What was our first roadtrip?
9. What was the first thing you noticed about me?
10. Who said I love you first and where was it?
11. What do we argue about the most?
12. Who wears the pants in the relationship?
13. If I am watching tv what am I watching?
14. What is one food I do not like?
15. What drink do I order when we go out to eat?
16. What size shoe do I wear?
17. What is my favorite kind of sandwich?
18. What is one talent I have?
19. What would I eat everyday if I could?
20. What is my favorite cereal?
21. What is my favorite music?
22. What is my favorite sports team?
23. What is my eye color?
24. Who is my best friend?
25. What is something you do that I wish you didn't?
26. Where am I from?
27. What kind of cake would you bake me on my birthday?
28. Do I play any sports?
29. What can I spend hours doing?
30. Why did you fall in love with me?


W E   T A G:

Melissa Raymond

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