So I decided to start a BEAUTY series called Canvas Beauty 101 where I will be suggesting beauty secrets and tips which I have learnt or been taught.

Today's Beauty Secret is FACE BRUSHES. Do you know what brush goes with what product? Do you know how to use the brushes with those products??

I am a huge fan of brushes, I use so many brushes a day I just wish that it was half as expensive as they are lately.

Lets talk Foundation Brushes...
Light coverage Brush - BB Cream
For an evenly spread of the produtct applying the product with a light coverage brush allows the pdocuts to spread evenly and blend well on the face without leaving brush strokes.

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Sculpting Foundation Brush - Creme Foundation
When applying a creme foundaiton, the consisitancy is very thick, so you would want a brush that could eveny spread the product on the face without leaving it looking like you have painted a mask on the face. The scuplting brush allow the foundation to be applied evenly and gives you a smooth canvas if you would like to build coverage.

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Flat Top Kabuki Brush - Liquid Foundation
This is the best brush applying liquid foundation without having the brush stroke residue. Liquid foundation allows for buildable coverage and the brush gives you the freedom to blend the foundation into your skin and leaves an even finish. 

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Kabuki Brush - Powder Foundation
When it comes to powder foundation, you want to use this sparingly to finish off your look and balance out all the makeup on you face. It helps to use a  Kabuki brush where the bristles are soft which does not leave brush strokes or an ashy finish on the face.

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Blurring Brush - Airbrush/Spray Foundation 
Airbrush foundation works by spraying the foundaiton onto the skin, you then need to blend it in so it loks natural. A blurring brush has a tapered type of head to allow for the brush to get in all the places where the foundaiton was applied to blend in well without having a mask effect on the face but a natural sunkissed finish.

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Flathead Brush - Bronzer 
A craze nowadays is to contour and highlight the face and if you are going to contour make sure to use the right brush. You do not want to look dirty or you applied the wron face powder on the face. A flathead brush allow your to make the contour more defined on the face to accenuate the contour and cheek bones.

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Fan Brush - Highlighter
To finish off the contour and highlight look, a perfect highlight just above the cheek bone will add more definition and shine to the face. Using a fan brush allow the product to only fall on the specific area where applied without interfearing with the conotur colour and blus.

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Angled Brush - Brush
Is it just me or do you also love blush?? Lol i love completing my look with sme gorgeous plums or peach blush and the perfect way to apply it is with and angled brush becasue the chhek bones on the face are in an angle and all  you want to is add colour to the cheeks and enhances the natural blush on the cheeks.
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Have a fab day and hope you enjoyed this post.

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