I have always been obsessed with changing my bedroom and searching on Pintrest for the hottest bedroom decor. So today's post is just on the amazing decor some women have access to. I wish I could change my room into a walk in closet and have another spare room for my makeup studio and filming room, but we can dream right?? LOL I know some girls are just so blessed to have everything. I look on tumblr and pintrest and I'm like OMGEEEEEEEEEE how is that possible, if their rooms are this amazing imagine the rest of their house.

But I guess Good things come to those who wait, so I'm waiting patiently for my dream closet, dream room and dream makeup/filming studio to materialise but for now I will enjoy what God has blessed me with. Don't get me wrong I am not ungreatful but you know how us women are, we never happy with anything lol. Just a short and sweet post to let you know I am still blogging..

Hope you having a fab week so far my angels, its s short week and then its EASTER!! Whats your plans??

Stay Blessed and chat soon

x o x o

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Thank you for your beautiful words!!


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