Seen on Me:
Blazer: Identity (2 Years Old) | Necklace & Crop Top: Mr Price | Earrings: Vintage (from my mum) | Kimono: Cotton On | Sunglasses: Spitfire

Over this weekend I had the privilege of meeting such amazing ladies who belong to the network called Bloggers Who Bless (I will be doing a detailed blog post about the whole network and what we do) and I am honored to now be a part of this network. We gathered at the Chateau Gateau in Hillcrest to chat over coffee and indulge in decadent cakes to discuss the Durban BWB and what we can bring to the community of bloggers here in this beautiful city. I ordered a Red Velvet cake with crushed macaroons and cream cheese icing and Hot Chocolate which was mouthwatering (now you know I have a sweet tooth). 

I then headed to Pavilion with Dale to do some shopping. I didn’t get much except some MAC spoils. I must admit I haven’t been using MAC for a few months because I  have been running to the closet Dischem and Clicks if I ran out of foundations or cosmetics but once I stepped back into the store I was like ummmm I gotta have it hehe. Dale was kind enough to give in to my makeup obsession and got my foundation, concealer and fix plus seating spray. You know the saying “once a MAC girl stays a MAC girl”... well that’s true my face looks so much better once I applied the makeup compare to my traditional drugstore makeup, to saying we shouldn’t use it but you know we like to spoilt our face every once in a while. Even Dale loved the way my face looked after the makeup artist applied my makeup on. So yay I’m back to MAC ladies!

We then headed to Dale’s old school for the Old Boys rugby day, and boy was it busy. I think I have never been to a rugby match that always gets full, parents truly support their kids. Dale was so excited to see his old school and bump into his rugby team from 10 years ago, bringing back childhood memories when he represented his school and country.

The weekend ended with Church in the morning which was beautiful, I love being in the presence of God to start a new week. 
I hope you enjoyed my weekend sum up! Will be filming some videos hopefully this week! I know I have been delayed, I do apologize but don’t worry I will be back in full force!

Have a fab Monday!
Stay Blessed
x o x o

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