When I talk about products being available here in South Africa am not talking about online shopping and paying for shipping and duties but actually physically visiting their stores and testing out the makeup. It sucks that some brands don't make it here to our country and we have to pay for shipping and duties, which I don't mind paying but when you calculate how much it ends up costing it’s really not worth it because you end up paying double which is more than what the products are worth.

With that being said I put together a few brands which I wish could come to South Africa so we can experience what international bloggers/beauty gurus and beauty lovers get to see on a daily basis. Brands like Nars and Benefit Cosmetics to name a few have products which I am dying to try but they are so out of reach... But let’s face it, it’s not hard for a girl to wish! :-)

Everyone raves about the Nars Orgasm Lipstick and Blush and the Turkish Delight Lipgloss which Kim Kardashian made famous. If I had to order it online it would come to over R400 just for one product besides the shipping... And then you have to wait for a few weeks/months until you get your products which by the time it arrives you have lost that excitment... Girls who have stores like Sephora and Ulta at their doorstep are just way tooo blessed!
The Tarte Amazonian Clay was my first attraction to the brand while watching Maya Mia's makeup tutorials and how amazing her skin looked after she applied the foundation. Now that more vloggers have come to know about its flawless finish it seems everyone is now using it. I also heard their mascara’s and blushes are too die for, but unfortunately I still have not found a supplier who doe ship to South Africa let alone stock it. I know it does retail for $35 - $40 which is equivalent to purchasing the Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation.

Covergirl and MaxFactor are apparently under the same makeup brand because of the packaging resemblance. I am still yet to try any MaxFactor products, nonetheless while watching YouTube videos I came across youtubers who spoke about the amazing foundation from the Covergirl range and the amazing coverage. I can believe that just from the reviews from caramel skinner beauty gurus who have tested the products. I don't know the retail value but I know they are sold in drugstores. What about our Clicks and Dischem??

Okay so let’s have a moment for the most sold out product on the market at the moment. I hear from all youtubers that buying this product is such a hassle because it’s constantly sold out. I wissshhhh we had Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz and Pormade here. The results are amazing and it seems so easy to use. Does anyone know if they do international shipping and what the retail value is???

 This has to be the cutest lip balm I have seen and not only is it popular amongst beauty gurus but celebrities as well. I'm starting to think it's just us South African's who don't have access to this adorable product. EOS Lip Balms apparently smell divine and keep your lips moist and crack free throughout the day... Are they worth the hip and money?? You tell me??
 Talk about bright and bold lips, perfect for those days you want to make a statement. I feel I can find some similar colours like the Lime Crime lipsticks at MAC. Their packaging is so pretty it reminds me of fairies and unicorns but is it worth it?? Has anyone tried them and loved them??
 I am a sucker for hair products and every time I watch youtube videos every guru has a product, hot tool or Argon Oil from Nume. I tried ordering them online and at the checkout I was so upset to find they don't ship to South Africa... (story of our lives) It seems to do the job twice as much as normal hot tools but is it worth the price?
A girl can never have too much makeup brushes, but when you only have a limited amount of brands then it can get frustrating especially if you like me and you want to try out everything that is on the market but your hands can't reach it... :-( These Sedona Lace brushes look like amazing quality and they seem to work just as well as Sigma brushes (which mind you, you can purchase online on the Sigma website and Turquoise Studio website for over R1500 per set). I also know real Technique brushes are godsend but it doesn't help when we see all these amazing products but we can't purchase them.

One of the most gorgeous packaged beauty products beside Benefit Cosmetics is Too Faced Cosmetics. After watching Heart's YouTube channel, he crazee obsession with all things cute and pretty has grown on me and now I'm like I want it!! Especially those heart blushes and bronzers. 

The most famous NAKED Palettes! How come everyone owns at least one of these palettes except me LOL? I remember on Rubybox at one stage they were selling them but when I checked to purchase it, it was already sold out. That’s the only thing about bringing an international brand with a limited amount of stock, it gets sold out in minutes and then never gets restocked. Urban Decay has a huge impact on all beauty gurus, not only for their packaging but the quality of the products (from what I have heard). The primer potion is a must for eyes and the setting spray but also I hear they are on the pricey side. So is an investment worth saving for??
And lastly this has to be the cutest, most funnest (if that’s even a word) packaging. I know if I ordered anything from Benefit Cosmetics I would be so scared to open the packaging and ruin it. Lol... I’m a sucker for cute stuff like this. The hoola bronzer, Porefessional and the "it’s real" mascara is on my wish list, who doesn't want to own something from this range of beauties!!

Overall I love online shopping but it’s just the schlep of paying for shipping which works out to be more expensive than the actual product. It would help if brands like these would try opening some stores or makeup house in a big store like Edgars or Stuttafords so we can also get a taste of these amazing International brands. 

I hope you enjoyed this weeks blog post. Comment below with more suggestions!
Stay Blessed
x o x o

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