Hey Loves! So today's post is about this amazing event for women which was held over the weekend.  I had the pleasure of attending a Womens Empowerment Breakfast hosted by Colleen Smerdon and Lorraine Woodenberg. The theme was "We are fearfully and wonderfully made" - A Spring Breakfast. Talk about awesome! When beautiful women gather together to network share ideas and testimonies about the work of God in their lives. What an amazing opportunity it was to be in the compnay of extraordinary women. The stories we heard from women from all walks of life and testimony from well known Durban model and Miss SA Finalist, Julia Petersen. I know each and every women who attended the breakfast left a change person. It was so humbling to hear what God has done in people's lives and how we take for granted the life God has given us. We as women should stand up for each other and empower one another. Attending conferences and breakfasts like these are so uplifting and encouraging to know other women do experience the same lifes hardships as me, and we are not alone. I thoroughly enjoyed this event and I am so glad I got to share it with my mum, sister and close family friends. Let me know if you would like to in future know about these type of events so I can blog about it more often and let you guys know when and where they are happening. 
I hope you enjoy this post. xxx

Lorraine Woodenberg
Kim Mattews | Her story was life changing. God is so good.
This lady is 93 years old and still wears nail polish to match her outfit.
Miss Julia Petersen and Colleen Smerdon.
My gorgeous mum, Cassandra.

Stay Blessed

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