HAPPY SPRING DAY LOVES!! So flower crowns, how cute are they!! I really have been loving this trend, I wore them last year in summer and planning on bringing it back this season. It’s so feminine and beautiful, especially rocking curls in your hair! This trend not only adds some character your everyday look but also brings an element of femininity to the look. There are a variety of flower crowns popping up and stores, and you don't have to purchase the most expensive crowns. As you know if you have been following my blog for a while, you would know I am a blogger on a budget and when I find a bargain its like HELLO come to mama! So I will let you guys know if I do find some, but previously I have purchased my flower crowns from Mr Price for affordable prices. Enjoy this post and your week. And I apologize for not filming, my camera is finally ready to be picked up from repairs, so hopefully I will be back into filming this weekend! Loe you lil nuggets!! xxxx

Stay Blessed

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