I'm so obsessed with online shopping especially when it comes to bargains, and I totally scored when I visited the BH Cosmetics website. Although it took quite a while to get shipped here and paid duty fees plus shipping fees, I still see it as a bargain. These brushes I would totally compare to the Sigma Beauty Sigmax brushes which are over R1500 for the set. Not only are they similar but also look and feel amazing to the skin. I have always been a blogger on a budget and when I came across this deal I had to get it.

So BH Cosmetics are having a 50% sale on their site and I managed to purchase some awesome products included

10 piece Sculpt & Blend Brush Set
1. Round Blending Face Brush
2. Angled Blending Brush 
3. Tapered Contouring Brush
4. Flat Blending Brush
5. Angled Contouring Brush
6.  Small Round Blending Face Brush
7. Small Angled Blending Brush 
8. Small Tapered Contouring Brush
9. Small Flat Blending Brush
10. Small Angled Contouring Brush
Shop this set HERE
Wild Child Baked Eyeshadow Pallete | Shop HERE
Creme Lux Lipstick | Shop HERE
BH Lip Gloss | Shop HERE

Shop these products here:
10 piece Sculpt & Blend Brush Set | Shop this set HERE
Wild Child Baked Eyeshadow Pallete | Shop HERE
Creme Lux Lipstick | Shop HERE
BH Lip Gloss | Shop HERE

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  1. These brushes look awesome! And what a steal! What did the extra costs amount to?
    PS Love the blog layout now. I seriously was too confused by the old layout. he he.


    PSS I don't know how to change my ID. This is a blog I don't even use anymore... No option to use FB ID?

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