This is just the beginning!


Its my first post for the year! I do apologize for not more frequently than I used to, I just have been so busy with life and work. But I will be posting and uploading videos weekly starting from next month.

It's a new month of a new year and there is so much to still fulfill.. I have so many plans for the coming year and weeks ahead. I would really love you to comment below the type of content you would like to see on the blog this year and on my channel. I have so many ideas of what I would like to include but your opinions matter the most.

So here's a recap of what has happened over the past few months off the blogging life:

1. My family and I drove up  to Johannesburg to help move my sister to another city
2. My sister moved to JHB to serve here articles at Webber Wenztel
3. I now have my very own room which I need to renovate (so if you have nay ideas of room decor please feel free to make suggestions
4. I just got my drivers license (WHOOP WHOOP) Finally!!
5. I'm in the process of changing a few things in my life, you will know once its final
6. I'm still a Social Media Manager working in Durban, but hopefully things will be changing soon
7. Setting new goals and aspirations for my career, should I do a blogpost on it?
8. I'm fasting for the next 21 days, so my relationship with God will grow stronger

There will be more posts coming soon to the blog but for now, sit back and enjoy the ride of the new year and new month.

Have a fabulous week ladies and gents.

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