Wedding Vibes


Dress | Foschini , Shoes | G Couture , Necklace | Urban Degree

Over the weekend I had the privilege of attending a beautiful wedding in Kokstad with my boyfriends family. We ended up road tripping to Kokstad on Saturday morning which took 3 hours for us to arrive at our destination. We stayed a a stunning guest house with a beautiful view and pool area. 

When we arrived we literally had an hour to get ready as the wedding started at 2pm and we arrived in Kokstad around 1:15pm. I had such dram with my dresses as I wanted to wear a yellow dress, when I put it on the zip bust so that was out the question Thank God I packed two dresses and as was able to wear the black and white dress to the wedding. 

It ended up to be such an gorgeous day and evening, The weather did cool down during the night which required me to wear Dale's suit blazer to keep warm. All in all the weekend away was amazing and I got to spend some time with my boyfriend and his family. I hope you enjoy this post! Stay Blessed!

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