Happy Bithday to me!! + GIVEAWAY


So today I turn 25 years old and I still cannot believe it. It was just the other day I was graduating at college and now I'm already a quarter of a century but I still feel fresh, young and happening. 
I have set so many goals and dreams to fulfill this year before my next birthday which I am hoping to achieve, one of them being a success on my blog and YouTube channel  and day by day I am reaping the rewards. Being a blogger may seem glamorous, but at the end of the day its all about your readers and your influence in your network. I have seen myself grown from where I started out to where I am now and as I reflect on this special day, I remember to remain humble.

Now for the Giveaway, here's what you could WIN:

Rules for the Giveaway:

If you did not win anything from the 12 days of giveaways I ran over the past two weeks, then here's your last chance to WIN big for the month of March!!

Remember to enter using the Rafflecopter widget below so I am able to count your entry as valid. You will receive points per entry so the more entries the better chance of winning.

❶ Leave a comment below telling me what was your favourite birthday memory.

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This 13th day birthday giveaway is open to South African Residents ONLY! (Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban)
A Winner will be announced on the 19th of March 2015. So you have an entire WEEK to enter this birthday giveaway. I will announce the winner across all my social platforms and blog.

Stay Blessed and all the best!♡ ♡ ♡

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  1. Vanilla-Roseanne Gopaul13 March 2015 at 08:25

    my favourite birthday memory was when i turned 21 , my guy friend that i adored sent me 21 red roses and a card that read i love you will you be mine and happy birthday . from that day onwards he became my world.

  2. the birthday memory that sticks in my head has to be when i turned sweet 16 i had the best party ever .that is the day i got a little freedom to do what i wished , it was awesome

  3. My Favoutire Birthday Memory was my 36th surprise party my hubby hosted for me and invited friends and family I haven't seen in ages. Awesome party and a beautiful surprise. How blessed I am to have people surrounding me especially those who love and cares for me. Yes Im blessed and Highly favoured!

  4. My favourite birthday memory was my surprise 80th birthday, my daughters came from all over South Africa to be with me and my youngest who lives near me organised the most amazing party ever, she had friends and family travel miles and I knew absolutely nothing about it until the day, that was probably the most memorable day in my entire LIFE

  5. My fave birthday memory would be my 21st. Everything went wrong, which made it so memorable. My dad wanted me to have a cake.....and ordered one, then proceeded to indulge in too much whiskey before my party and passed out....so nobody knew where he ordered the cake and where to collect it. lol.

    I also forgot in my 'speech' to thank my amazing boyfriend (who is now my husband).... it was just one of those days, but my dad now being deceased, I find the memory quite amusing!

  6. Tanusta Jainarain13 March 2015 at 09:09

    I don't realy like to talk about birthdays nw for me its an ordinary day , my best birthday memory was when my late dad and brother were stil with us and we would fill the table with goodies and huge cake

  7. Dawn Wallenkamp13 March 2015 at 09:27

    My favourite birthday memory was my 50th last year, my husband and I both celebrated our 50th and had a Grease party, something that I have wanted to have since the movie came out, it was absolutely fantastic but the best was that my sister drove down from JHB to join us, this made my birthday extra extra special.

  8. Pamela Tiearney13 March 2015 at 10:00

    My best bday was my firts one with my husban in 2007 he treated my like a PRINCESS no wait a QUEEN he spoiled me rotten and I'm very LUCKY to have a husband like him because he treats me every year like a QUEEN on my bday or you actually can say everyday is my bday :-)

  9. Bronwyn_Aricksamy13 March 2015 at 10:11

    My best birthday memory is yet to be created. I'm turning 25 on 30 March so it's half way to 50! I will be getting to see Micasa, one of my favourite acts perform live. Am also trying to put together a nice getaway with my family. So hoping for the best.

  10. My best birthday memory was when my husband took me to Phuket for my 30th birthday and spent the day jetting off to various isalnds

  11. Jessica Wallenkamp13 March 2015 at 10:14

    My best birthday ever was my 20th - I had a kiddies party :-) we all searched for Easter eggs, we had a slippery slide, we decorated our own cupcakes, it was great to be children again.

  12. Sophia Sheik Adam13 March 2015 at 10:23

    My favourite birthday memory has to be when i turned 16. Both my parents were there and it was the last. as for after a few months they got divorced and have not seen my father in years. It was really awesome. It was really the smallest things that made a huge impact in my life. So its that day i cherish and would give anything to have that day back.

  13. cirsten van den heuvel13 March 2015 at 10:43

    My fav birthday memory was when I turned 5 and got my first barbie and tinkerbel make-up set it was the start of a new adventure of loving being a girly girl.

  14. My favourite birthday memory was in April 2012, My hubby surprized me with a beautiful party at adega with all my friends and family, and we then danced the night away at cuba.I received my first tablet and it was my last birthday in durban as we relocated to Johannesburg in June 2012.i turned 27

  15. Nicolette Nunes13 March 2015 at 10:54

    My 31st Birthday, not only did I share it with my cousin celebrating his 40th. But I had a long birthday weekend. Spent a night at a hotel and wonderful dinner at sevruga.

  16. My favourite birthday memory is going to the Roma Revolving Restaurant in Durban, with my husband. It was a memorable evening, watching the twinkling lights in the harbour and being absolutely spoilt with amazing food and presents! A wonderful birthday! :)

  17. Amalia Appleton13 March 2015 at 11:06

    My best birthday memory was two years back, I got divorced and met a new guy, we are still together now, but I was quite down in the dumps about my birthday as not even my ex or any of his family remembered my birthday. My new boyfriend was amazing and showed me who really cares. We spent the evening at his parents house, where I was welcomed with a set table, flowers and champagne, and a few gifts. It was the best night ever, being spoilt rotten and reminded what matters most in life.

    Following on twitter (@malieappleton), facebook (Amalia Appleton), youtube (Amalia Appleton), Instagram (amaliaappleton), bloglovin (SuperMommy), following via e-mail, did the rafflecopter and sharing.

  18. My favourite birthday memory is my "Teddy Bear Picnic" party, when I was about 7 or 8. I remember there was a boy I had a crush on, his name was Ross (ahhh how cute, young love!), and he came to the party, dropped off the present and went crying back to his mom and she took him home. He was the only boy that got invited, and he was so intimidated by all the girls and pink teddies! I remember a big yellow teddy cake my mom baked, ice cream cones and a teddy fashion parade. I was so upset when my teddy did not win "best dressed"! I realise now it would've looked "rigged" if I did win, but back then I was young and cried and cried, not the perfect end to a party :)

  19. My fav birthday memory was the first one i spent with my hubby dearest <3 It was just him and I, and an entire day of visiting places. It was magical to spend it with someone that you love and who loves you so much. #blessed

  20. My favourite birthday memory was when I got my first bicycle as a kid. After opening my other gifts with my parents and sister all squeezed into bed together (family tradition!) I thought I was done and I needed the loo. As I walked into the bathroom, I see my bicycle hiding in the shower! Was such a great surprise :)

  21. Karin Van Niekerk Behrens15 March 2015 at 17:48

    My favourte birthday was my 18th birthday. It was the last birthday as a family as my father passed away that same year.

  22. All my birthdays have been pretty amazing,my family always managed to go out of their way for me so most birthdays held a few precious memories....The one that stands out for me is my 21st birthday party. I was overwhelmed by the love i received from the people who mattered most, that party was basically put together in a day but turnt out amazingly blessed and everyone enjoyed it. Highlight there was seeing the laterns fly up with all the beautiful msgs which had been written for me from my guests.It was heart-warming :)

  23. My favourite birthday memory is my 25th birthday. I got whisked away by my boyfriend to a weekend of festivities. It started off with being pampered like a queen at a spa and then dinner at the Oyster Box. We spent the rest of the weekend at the poolside, shopping and picnic-king in the park. All of the things I love doing :)

  24. Shantel Moodley16 March 2015 at 13:57

    My favourite birthday memory was when I turned 25 , my family planned a surprised birthday party for me . The cherry on the top was 25 close of my friends/family members gifted me with 25 of my favourite items that my heart desired at that time . I was blown away with the kind gesture and the preparation that was put into my surprise party.

  25. Tiffany Matthews17 March 2015 at 13:33

    My favourite birthday memory was my crown birthday, when I turned 7. I was dressed in gold, gold dress, gold shoes and even a gold crown on my head! I felt like a real princess, with hair in curls and I 'm sure I was even wearing pantihose, lol! The whole streets kids were there and we were dancing to "Pink Cadillac" one of my dads records on those old record players. I just remember having an absolute blast and lots of yummy cakes and treats. Good childhood memories :)

  26. My favourite birthday memory was when I spent my 25th birthday with my newborn.

  27. Roxanne Chutthergoon17 March 2015 at 16:51

    I once got a puppy and a surprise for my birthday, he is 8 now and I still love him to bits!!!

  28. My favourite birthday memory was my 35th Birthday. My family treated me to a weekend away to a five star resort

  29. My favorite Birthday memory was my surprise 21st dinner that my
    friends had organized for me, they had also put a birthday wish in the
    local newspaper for me- which i had no idea of- It was truly amazing, A
    close friend had said that i must dress up because we are going out for
    supper just the two of us because the rest of my friends could not make
    it, which i was very emotional about but then as I walked into the
    restaurant I got the biggest surprise of my life, just seeing all my
    amazing friends who had came together to spend the evening with me- the
    laughs and tears we shared- we then left the restaurant and was about to
    head to the local club across the street,as I jumped into my vehicle
    and reversing out the parking, i heard a big bang- i jumped out, heels
    and all, and to my surprise i had hit a thick pillar and my revue mirror
    flew off, i was so angry and tears filled my face because i thought
    this night was going so well-nevertheless with friends around there was
    no time to feel sad and we partied till the morning light- definitely
    one i would never forget.

  30. My birthday on the beach with my cat, Mr Genie. I ate cupcakes and he studied a digging crab. best birthday ever.

  31. My favourite memory is when my boyfriend of 8 years baked me cake. Sometimes the smallest things mean the most 💜


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