ITS A NEW DAY | Autumn


"Its a New Season, its a new day, fresh anointing is coming my way.." Loving the fact that today is the first day of Autumn. How exciting,this means boots and jersey sweat tops and hats. But because I stay in Durban, South Africa, it is harder to dress to the seasons because we either experience all seasons in one day or we have scorching hot days. Thinking about dressing in warmer clothes actually makes me want to go and shop so I can keep with the trends, but will I be able to wear the clothes hmmmmm... 

Besides today being a new season, today is FRIDAY!! Yay and this time last week was my birthday and I got proposed to. LOL was such an exciting day last week, if only I can go back to that day lol

Let me know your thoughts about the new season that is upon us, what fashion item will you be trending??

Have a fabulous weekend loves and Stay Blessed! xx

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Thank you for your beautiful words!!


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