TIP TUESDAY | How to Mix Fonts + FREE Downloadable Links


When it comes to fonts we sometimes don;t know how to play around with the different shapes and sizes of the font types. I find it very interesting and entertaining when I use Photoshop and need to create new images for my blog posts or instagram posts. I do tend to use specific font types whenever I do blog so I keep my type in-sync. 

In the above image I have used quite a few font types a suggestions of how you can mix and match font types. You can bigger bolder fonts with skinnier fonts and cursive writing with other cursive writing. It all depends on the theme of the image and typography you would like to play around with.

If you would like to know what fonts I used in the image above see below I have also attached the link to where you can download (FREE) the font from:

I hope you enjoyed this post and found it informative. Comment below if you enjoying Tip Tuesdays and what you would like to see next week?

Stay Blessed and have a fab day! 

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