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What is a media kit and how does it work? Well you have come to the right place to ask that question. A media kit is a document that bloggers use to approach businesses for potential promotion and selling services for themselves. The document is normally presented in a PDF form which is more professional to send and use in meetings. The media kit sums up everything a company needs to know about the person behind the blog or the brand/blog/website itself.

Media kits are used by magazine publications and companies who would like to sell advertising spots to bloggers on a particular brand or relatable topic. Bloggers use media kits to sell sponsored posts and advertising to business houses. 

For us bloggers, a Media Kit is the opportunity to sell our brand and blog without us speaking, it goes beyond just the blogs overall stats. You want to show off the blog and brand, the personality and the topics of conversation discussed on the blog. Below are the main steps in a perfect media kit to present at your next meeting:

The logo should be a hi-res version . This will be the first image the company will see of your blog, make it interesting. The logo speaks for the brand itself, the design and colours speaks about your personality and what your blog is about. Think about the name and the design work before creating the blog.

2. BIO
This is the space that allows you to talk about yourself and your blog, the purpose of your blog and topics discussed. What your goals are for the blog for the coming year and any information that is interesting about your personality and experience as a blogger or in the working world. Also include a professional profile image of yourself and maybe screen shots of your blog so they have an idea of what you blog entails.

You can use your tagline or phrase that you associate your blog to. This information will set you apart from other bloggers goals and missions in the blogging community. (I am currently working on mine, if you have any suggestions comment below)

When companies approach you they want to know how many people they targeting by sponsoring you, so numbers are important. You should include:
  • Unique Visits
  • Page Views
  • Average Time spent on the site
  • Unique Visitors
To locate these numbers you can create a Google Analytic's account. This will give you access to a number of options and numbers relating to the blog site. 

Social engagement is a biggy, people want to know if other are engaging with you besides on the blog itself, How much influence do you have on the market and what influence do you have? Which social platforms are you influencing or have an impact on? These numbers are important to future brands who would want to work with you. The number of subscribers or followers will determine if the brands would invest in you to create brand awareness for them.

Any pictures and information of appearances you made or events attended should be included. Showcase your influence in the community and social platforms. This is your opportunity to let people know how important you are and the brand associations you have.

What exactly do you do as a blogger and what do you want to get paid for? What are you being hired for, is it to review a product, attend an event, image consulting, guest blogging or speaking gigs? The services depend on your purpose of the blog and what you are gaining out of blogging.

The brands you have worked with and currently working with. List their names and logos. Brands who see association with other brands see your credibility and  the type of content you write about.

Knowing that people you have worked with or been your client is good enough. People love knowing that someone else has had a good experience with a particular persona or brand. When you associate a person to something of quality, it allows others to want to experience it too.

This is the only way you would be able to seal the deal. Once the company has read through you whole media kit, they can then contact you and schedule a meeting. Be clear in the contact form or details on how the sponsor can get hold of you. Don't leave any reason to doubt the interest in your brand and blog, once they have contacted you, call to action and build your network.

Once your media kit is set you can now start networking and focusing on branding yourself. I hope you enjoyed this informative post. I do apologize if it was longer than usual but I had to go in detail. Comment below if you would like posts like these in future for Tip Tuesdays.

Have blessed Tuesday!

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  1. I wish that I had put one together right from the start of my blog. I had to figure it out along the way. Will be sharing this post with all of my newbie blogger friends :)

    XoXo One Stiletto At A Time

  2. This is an absolutely incredible tip. I'm going to get to work on it straight away! Rebecca | Rebecca Marie xx

  3. Aww glad you enjoyed it @Rebecca Marie !! I am also building my portfolio for this new year. xx

  4. Thank you Abby. I know right, but you can always just edit your current one so its more approachable for brands. But thanks for sharing xx

  5. Hey. This is a great piece! So helpful :) Going to add "Make a Media Kit" to my to do list! x


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