What being ENGAGED really feels like!!


I got engaged a month and a half ago on my 25th birthday, with the most romantic dreamy proposal on the beach. That evening I got ready as it was my birthday dinner which Dale, my boyfriend at the time had organised a romantic sit down dinner at a beautiful restaurant down the coast. I walked into the restaurant looking all fly, wind blowing in my hair and my eyebrow game on point! Well so I thought. With him carrying a man bag, not that I noticed something stuffed in the saddle bag.

 I didn't realise this whole plan would come into place the way it did. He surprised me with a Tiffany and Co cake, which was suppose to be the hint of what was to follow but if you know me by now, you would know how oblivious I am to anything. Dale was not nervous at all, and you know after watching so many movies you have a perception of how an engagement should happen or would like it to happen. Nonetheless that didn't phase me I was just there to enjoy the dinner and company with the love of my life. 

There was a point when he excused himself from the table and went to the bathroom, at that point they brought out the cake and the owner then asked me to walk towards the balcony to take pictures. So I did as he pleased and overlooked the beach and the waves lapping on the shore, blinded  by this amazing experience I missed the sign on the beach with the proposal message. As I turned my head, Dale was on one Knee with the ring in one hand and there I was frozen, confused, stunned and so excited. He points to the sand to see if I saw what was written on the sand and I look down to  message saying "Will you marry me Sims". All I could do was laugh, scream, jump, nod my head and hug him and then say YES!!

That was my prefect proposal and now I'm engaged to be married to the love of my life and I couldn't have it any other way!

I hope you enjoy these hilarious GIF's I found on engagements and what its really like being engaged!

1. What you think you expecting to look like when it happening..

2. The first thing he says to you that evening. 

3. When its happening all you can say in your head is...

4. Now he's on one knee and you have no idea what to say or do

5. You see the RING and can't help but want it on your finger nowwww!

6. Your'e finally engaged and you can't help but scream to the world how excited you are!!

7. Then you remembered he asked for your parents blessings

8. You phoned your best friend first to tell her the amazing news!

9. What you expecting your family and friends to do when you tell them the news

10. Your face when you realise you now have to update your social media profiles to engaged

11. And then people start asking you whens the wedding date and are they invited!

12. You realise you have to start planning a wedding and create a wedding file only to stumble upon the million and one things you need to do 

13. When you get one thing done on your list of things to do, you can't help but showoff

14. Reading every bridal magazine and pamphlet has become your latest hobbie

15. Searching every site and stalking previous peoples weddings for ideas and venue contacts has become a daily task

16. And now things still fell like you living on a cloud of love and you want it to remain this way until the wedding is over but you realise stress will set in.

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  1. Your ring is so stunning and your post in general made me giggle! Love it!!! xxx

    1. awww thank youuuu hehe it is hey :-)
      Ahhh glad you enjoyed my post xxx


Thank you for your beautiful words!!


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