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Over the past few weeks I have been missing from the blogging community, delay in posts and YouTube uploads. As for my camera which decided to bail out on me, until I get it fixed I may only be able to film a video in a couple weeks. I know I know, I'm so sorry, You don't even understand the frustration I have at the moment. 

So I have been updating my social media platforms with pictures and daily outfit posts, just so you guys don't feel totally neglected. I am so bummed that I have not been consistent. After speaking to my husband and mum, they been pushing me to start beauty workshops and get back on to YouTube and carry on with my passion. Some of you who have been following my blog for years or months will know I do have a day job which keeps me very busy, so my blogging life starts after work late at night or before I start my day. 

I will be continuing to blog and leave updates on my YouTube channel, until my camera is fixed and ready to film. I have so many ideas of the type of videos I would like to create for you but with the delay in my camera they may go up later than expected. 

I will alos be launching my first Beauty Workshop in my city, Durban, South Africa. Many women who have been watching my videos since I started have asked me to create a workshop so they can learn and teach themselves with me on specific makeup looks or budget tricks I have tried and tested. 

So see details below. There will be limited seating for this first workshop. If you are in Durban, please come by and say hi to me. I would love to meet my supporters and the people who encourage me to continue my passion. 

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xxx Simônè

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