My Week in Pictures | Part 1


Hey loves! This past week must of been one of the shortest weeks since Monday was a public holiday. Over the weekend Dale and I spent some time in the Midlands for his birthday.We had a relaxing 3 day stay out in the bush with no signal or TV. I also ordered him a Game of Thrones cake which he absolutely loved. We were back at work on Tuesday which felt like a Monday. Busy Busy days continued at work for both of us. I did manage to shoot some outfit and scenery posts for the blog which you should see during the course of next week, Dale had his wisdom's taken out yesterday so the duty of Wife/Nurse came into part. *side note* Is it just me, or do guys become so frail when they sick or injured?? 

So it's the weekend, I don't have much planned other than looking after Dale and looking for a place. We in the process of purchasing a house so God willing things come together.
I hope you all have a lovely weekend and Stay Blessed! Let me know whats hot in Durban this weekend that I should check out. 

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Simônè Slater

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