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Over this past weekend Dale and I headed to the Midlands for his birthday. It was actually a surprised getaway which I had planned a month ago and finally the day had arrived. We ended up driving to the Midlands on Friday afternoon. Our first stop was the Nelson Mandela Capture Site which was such a beautiful experience. We pass the site when we drive to the Drakensberg or Howick Falls and we miss the beautiful site. I must say we had such an amazing experience which we could share as our first few months of being married.

The first surprise started with Donuts being delivered to Dales office from Wicked Donuts. He was so surprised and little did I know he was saving the donuts until he reached home, I packed his bags the night before so he still had no idea where we were going to staying for the weekend. When Dale did reach home I managed to break the news to him and we started our holiday.

We ended up booking into a place called Pennylane Guesthouse which was in the middle of nowhere. Being a social media junkie, signal and internet is my life and the place where we stayed had no signal, no TV or internet. So Dale could not watch the rugby and I could not instagram unless I drove out of the area. Dale was quite pleased as he had me to himself for the weekend without social disturbances.

When it came to dinner we realized it would be a 15 minute drive in the dark to find a decent restaurant but a few road down, literally at the back of the guesthouse was a quaint dinning cafe with a fireplace and a darling puppy. So we decided to make ourselves comfortable and enjoy the the midlands.

The weekend was such relaxing time together to enjoy each others company. We celebrated Dale's birthday on the Saturday and drove around looking for a place to watch the rugby. By the time we got the a place the game had already ended so that defeated the purpose.

Sunday we packed up and started making our way home. We stopped off in Howick and became tourists again, taking pictures in front of Howick Falls and taking a stroll through the town.

All in all it was the perfect getaway for two, to be put out of your comfort zone and enjoy what Durban has to offer,

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