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Hey Loves, yay its Tuesday which means  a new video for you! I had so much filming this video with my bestie. Meet Michelle, my bestie from Bostwana. I met her a couple years back at work and instantly we became friends and have been inseparable. Our friendship keeps growing and now 5 years later, one married and one planning a wedding just shows the experiences we have been through. 
Over the weekend, I stayed by her place so we decided to film a video for you guys to start off the new year. It is really hilarious and also gives you a chance to get to know me a little better. Michelle was such a sport with answering questions and even though we were answering the complete opposite answers it was such a fun experience. Thank you for welcoming her on my channel and it won't be the last of it. I am thinking of filming a video called "Best Friend does my makeup blindfolded" so comment below if you would like us to go ahead and film it, I am also thinking of incorporating my hubby and doing a "Who Knows me Best" TAG between Dale and Michelle. So if you keen on watching those type of videos, let me know.

1. If one celeb could be your friend's best friend, who would it be?
2. If your friend could date one celebrity who would it be?
3. You and your friend are hungry and are feeling fast food. What is your friend's prime choice?
4. What do they order?
5. What is your friend's most said phrase?
6. What is your friend's most said cuss word?
7. If you could change one annoying thing about your friend what would it be?
8. If your friend could listen to one musician for the rest of their life, who would it be?
9. If your friend could punch one celeb in the face and get away with it, who would it be?
10. Are you and friend twins separated at birth or complete opposites?
11. How are you completely opposite? OR What makes you similar?
12. Heels or flats
13. Pants or dresses?
14. What is your friends ultimate movie?
15. If a meteor, what would your friend go back to save?
16. If you had to go to a store to buy milk, what would you get your friend?

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