My Week in Pictures 2016 {Part 1}


Hey Loves, Happy Friday! I can't believe its already half way through the month. It was Valentine's Day not so long ago right? So today's post is more of a lifestyle post to catch up on what happened during the week if you missed out on my social media. So if you interested, keep scrolling.

On Tuesday I managed to injure my mouth and was off sick because of the medication and numbing cream I had to take. So I spent the day at home, thinking I could film a video for Thursday but I was in so much pain, the though of setting up filming equipment and dolling myself up was just not on my agenda at the time. However I did film a Haircare video on Monday evening which was highly requested by all you lovely ladies. 

This week was the huge announcement of Urban Decay Cosmetics coming to South Africa. I mean hello? If you have not heard of their amazing products then you have been living under a rock. Every beauty guru, their mother and dog knows about it and finally we can experience their amazing brand.

On Thursday I redesigned my blog and bought my domain through DotCube. Their assistance was amazing and so quick, I tried lat year doing it myself and it basically was a ship sinking. I have always been a person to try things on my own and fix it and if it helps me to learn then I will do it. But after many attempts I just was not going anywhere. I know it took a long time for me to come around to buying a domain and changing the look. I went with a chic sophisticated look and feel just because I want my brand to be portrayed in that manner. So I am going all out, business cards and the works. In this industry to be taken seriously you need to take yourself seriously and that means spending money and I know I shall reap the rewards. When you passionate about something and you put your mind to it, it will only succeed and go up. Especially with God on my side, there is no limits.

Let me know your thoughts on the new look?

If you missed out on this weeks Tuesday video, watch here:

Stay Blessed

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