My Week in Pictures 2016 {Part 2}


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This week went by so fast, I can't believe the month is almost over. I started reviewing the Nimue Skin Starter pack which was sent by rubybox, you read about it HERE.
The products are amazing and even though I can't really give you a full review yet, I must say I am loving the way my skin is feeling.

In the week I decided to thread my face. Oh My Gosh! Ladies please do not do it. It hurt like hell. I do not wish the pain on anyone. I thought because I have been threading my brows and upper-lip, it would feel the same but I was fooled. Although my skin feels so soft and my makeup application is smoother, the breakouts were crazy and I am still recovering from it. I broke out in tiny white heads, which the beautician said it was likely to happen so yes I put myself in the situation. But I didn't realise it would be so bad. And to top it off I couldn't wear makeup for the 2 days after it so walking around bare face was a challenge.

I managed to film two videos this week, one being a dramatic makeup look for Music festivals. I was totally inspired by the gorgeous Desi Perkins and decided to recreate it and add a personal touch to the look. The tutorial is easy and affordable especially for those who are attending Ultra this weekend or preparing for Coachella :-) 

Another huge announcement happened on social media. Kim & Kanye finally release pictures of their baby boy. And what an adorable picture, I had to Instagram it and talk about his cuteness overload.

On Wednesday I had dinner with Marlize of KandyKaneMakeup. She's such a gem and so down to earth. It just happened she was in town for work so I could not help but meet with her for dinner and drinks. After being internet buddies for so long, we finally met and couldn't stop talking, I think the waiter came to take our order 3 times and we were still chatting away.
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I guess that kind of sums up my week. Videos, celeb news and blogging life.

Oh and if you missed this weeks videos, don't stress I have you covered. Watch them below:

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