Nimue Skin Technology Journey {Part 1}


Last week I received this package from rubybox which contained the new Nimue Skin products. As you all know I suffer with the odd acne breakout and have a lot of pigmentation and dark spots. So when rubybox reached out to me to test this amazing brand and document it, I gladly made myself available. I first had to do an online skincare test which I did on the Diagnostic Tool. Once I completed the online skin analysis, I found my skin classification and they also listed the products I need for my type of skin. There are a host of products for every skin type, so it helps to take the test to come to a conclusion on your skin type and the product options they provide.

In the package came with:
❥ 1 Cleansing Gel Lite (full size)
❥ 1 Conditioner Lite (full size)
❥ 1 Exfoliating Enzyme (travel size)
❥ 2 Moisturiser Lite (travel size)
❥ 1 Professional SPF40 (full size)
I also received an extra package which I shared with one of my friends to review.

Before Pics:

A Full Video Review Part One :

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