Confidence in a bottle


When you walk out in the mornings and you either had an amazing shower with your Lux shower gel or lathered with their soap, you can't help but feel and look good. There is something about smelling good that boosts your confidence to another level. Is it just me? I find that my mood changes if I am complimented on fragrance I use or how glowing my skin looks. As a women we rely alot on what people say and how we fit in in society. Fragrances are a way of life to let the world know we have an expensive taste or we "showered" that morning LOL.

I know when I come home from work, there is nothing more relaxing than running a gorgeous bubble bath and jumping in to retire after a long day at the office, I know from personal experience using the Lux fragrance ranges, it has left my skin supple and fresh and talk about how amazing your body smells. I know my husband compliments me quite a few times about the fragrance the Lux bodycare products leave. 

If you would like to buy any of their products, they stock Lux at most beauty outlets - Clicks, Dischem.

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