Farewell South Africa


Today is such a bittersweet day. I can't believe I am on a plane to Korea. A few years ago Dale and I made it one of our goals to travel and see the world and we thought about teaching English. A few years later we finally can do what we wanted to do. I all happened so fast and now I am on a plane jetting off to another foreign country to explore and give back. If you research on google you will see so many people doing this course and teaching abroad and for the sole purpose of empowering someone else and expanding your knowledge.
So today is a Saturday morning. When you are reading this post I am probably already a the flight to Korea. Being my first time travelling internationally, you can imagine my nerves. Lets not get started on the packing. LOL How do you fit your life in to one 30KG bag?? Makeup, Toiletries and clothing... Seriously!! The hardest part was trying to determine what makeup I need to take and what to leave behind for my family to raid. 

If you thought I was MIA, sorry about that. If you are a person that travels and requires VISA's etc then you would know the struggle I had to have everything done in a matter of 3 days. You may be shocked and think I am crazy but yes darling. If it was not for my beautiful parents, amazing husband and blessing from God, I honestly don't think I would have been writing this post to you. 

So my hunnies, I am on a knew journey with the love of my life. Marriage is about travelling, exploring and experiencing a new life/culture together and what better way than in another country. I will be blogging and filming so let me know if you would like me to start a vlogging channel and travel section on the blog to document everything I do and where we visit.

If you would like information as to how we applied and where we did the course, then comment below and I will do a specific post on all that information. Well until I arrive in Korea and get online, we shall chat then. Thank you again for all the support and love. And I cant wait to share our journey and travels with you.

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Simônè Slater

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  1. Good luck and enjoy your new journey.

  2. Hi Simone. Firstly Congrats and enjoy. First time reader and love it already

    I would just like some info on the course you did. Is it the TEFL?
    Thanks in advance

    Enjoy your travels


Thank you for your beautiful words!!


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