Life In Korea (한국 에서 생활)


So if you don't know by now I am currently in South Korea, Gwangju to be exact. I have been teaching for just over a month and a half. I decided to film a 3 part series on my experiences living in Korea and share some tips that Dale and I used to adjust to a foreign country. I hope you find these videos informative and helpful to make a decision whether you would like to teach and what processes you need to take. It can be a long process so the quicker you start the easier it would be for your application process. Enjoy and comment below any suggestions of future videos and if we should start a vlogging channel called "The Slaters" or "Life in Korea".
Thank you again for all the support and love on my channel and social media. I noticed quiet a few people are interested in teaching abroad hense the reason we filmed these videos.

PART 1 | TaLK/EPIK Application Process, First Impressions

PART 2 | Korean Apartment, Shopping, 

PART 3 | Teaching, Language Barrier, English Church

If you are keen to join the programs mentioned in the videos, please see the links below:

The Knowledge Workshop: HERE
(TEFL course/Online and In class)

TaLK Program : HERE
(Non-Degree Program)

(Degree Program) 

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  1. aaw congrats yall. looking forward to the vlogs. cultural differences always fascinated me

    Mvumikazi | Urban Mnguni |


Thank you for your beautiful words!!


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