Instagram Beauty Hacks TESTED!


Instagram Beauty Hacks video is finally here. So I have seen this trend doing its rounds on social media and I thought it was quite funny. I hope you enjoy.
Some of the products used in this video I tried for the first time, so if your skin does not agree to it, please do not feel obligated to use it. 
Thanks again for all the love and support, I truly appreciate it. Love you babes and enjoy the video.

Watch the video:

A list of the HACKS:
Applying fouhndation with a sock
❥Using a card for an eyebrow guide
Baking with real baking powder or baby powder - I used Corn Starch
❥A Spoon to create the perfect Cut Crease
❥A scissors to contour
❥Tape to create the perfect lipstick application

I do hope you enjoyed it and let me know what you would like to see next

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Simônè Slater

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